Adriana Garza


I was raised in Brownsville, Texas (the Rio Grande Valley) and nearly five years ago, moved to San Antonio and immediately fell in love with the multicultural atmosphere, great amenities, rich history, and endless opportunities residents have to succeed. I immersed myself in the area and learned as much as I could in order to better serve my clients while sharing my love for the city.

Before earning my real estate license, I worked as an elementary teacher for 9 years between Brownsville and San Antonio. I became a teacher because I was passionate about educating, motivating, encouraging, and fostering growth in others. As an educator, I felt privileged to work with both the students and parents as a “team” where each person worked together in order to ensure success. While I enjoyed much professional success and fulfillment from my nearly decade long teaching career, I harbored a passion for real estate that began when I was a young child. I knew that as a teacher, I could offer clients a unique perspective of the city and its beautiful neighborhoods, kind residents, excellent schools, and unmatched features.

Once I earned my license, I set out to find a brokerage that offered knowledgeable mentors & resources in order to better serve the needs of my clients in an efficient and cost effective way. I engrossed myself in trainings, tutorials, meetings, and research in order to expand my education and connected with countless expert real estate agents along the way.

Today, I am a skilled professional who delights in sharing my knowledge with clients all over the city. I am professional, respectful, offer 24/7 communication, and strive to make the experience fun and educational from start to finish. When working with clients, I focus on exceeding expectations and avoiding surprises in order to ensure a smooth process, great working relationship, and most importantly, a lasting friendship.

When I am not working with clients, I enjoy meeting with friends, staying positive, reading self-development books, helping others, biking, and going to the movies.


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